9 man single wing, reader success stories about single-wing offense for youth football

  • The team we are playing in the finals are the Plantation Wildcats, a very athletic, tough, well coached team, and we get to play them on their home field.
  • For the most part we let the tailbacks call the plays by just defense recognition.
  • Reed, My name is Lewis Whipple.
  • The flexbone formation is a variation of the wishbone formation.
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John, I would like to add to your collection of success stories. This formation is most commonly used for passing, but the quarterback can also hand off to a running back or run himself. You covered everything from the actual plays to the problems with parents and assistants and I experienced them all first hand. Before we get into the playbook, allow me to introduce myself.

  1. We were the only team in this age group to use the shot-gun snap.
  2. The wildcat gives the runner a good look at the defense before the snap, allowing him to choose the best running lane.
  3. The cherry on top was taking home the championship in our season!
  4. The offense could not get that breach off the tackle any more.
  5. It can also be run with one or two wing backs like the flexbone formation allowing a running game and the ability to run the option.

The club that I coached for was a very backwards one, and they would not allow me to head coach at the same level as the previous year. The ball bounces really funny when it isn't perfectly round, and this approach is just devastating to the opposition. My experience and study has taken me a long way from a guy who wanted to help my fraternity's flag football team not get embarrassed to currently being an assistant for a small college football team.

Attn Single-Wing Coaches

Yes, I did ship some of your books to myself. We just finished our season with a record. My assistants were somewhat reluctant when I first mentioned the offense and defense I wanted to run but all four are now believers in the system. Since i have started using your knowledge as a basis for my coaching philosophy i have had great success coaching football and baseball. Their confidence level improves with each win and they now feel that they can compete with any team in the league.

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This defense combined with poor weather conditions did slow the Patriot's passing game, but proved ineffective against the run, and the Patriots won the game. It is generally a balanced formation, and there are backs on both sides of the tailback, offering better pass protection. Take care and God Bless, teenage dating abuse Joe. We had a advantage at the point of attack!

Also, the formation often featured an unbalanced line where the center that is, the player who snapped the ball was not strictly in the center of the line, but close to the weakside. Coach, Would love a copy of your book. That is, time it up better.

And Your Bird Can Swing

Coach, A couple years ago I bought your books and installed your offense and defense. Last year I went using the same systems, but they get better as I get to know them more and learn to innovate. Undefeated in Conference play.

The Single-Wing Sentinel Man Middle Tops Tigers for Black Diamond Title

Offense starts from the forty yard line. To get a copy of my book please email me with your name, league you coach at and level. In Neale's defense, as in Shurmur's variation, the nose tackle could also drop into pass coverage, thus Shurmur's use of the Eagle defense name. The defense worked well, and we led the league on this side of the ball too. Our boys had a blast this year and our coaching staff is thrilled.

With the funky rules of no defensive line men can line up head up on the center or in the A gaps. This year I moved up to the PeeWee division year olds as the off. These may employ either tight ends or split ends wide receivers or one of each. If offenses grew wise to the drop back, the ends could pass rush instead.

You saw today that they are a pretty good football team. We've had tremendous success with your system. They were not able to effectively throw against us but we did give up chunks of yardage when we really needed a defensive stop. The sixth defensive back is known as the dimeback and this defense is also used in passing situations particularly when the offense is using four wide receivers.

And Your Bird Can Swing

Single Wing Football - Dumcoach Youth Football Forum

However, we had scouted the opponent's defense and every player knew who to block for the off tackle, so we easily ground out an victory on the ground. Well, how does matchmaking they are all sold on the strategy now and I am thankful to you for your wisdom. Coaching enables me to stay involved with the sport I love and the life lessons we learn about teamwork and effort and attention to detail are immeasurable. Defense consisting of seven quarter or eight half dollar defensive backs.

Single Wing Offense

Single Wing Offense Archives - Youth Football Online

Their frustration was palpable. We also run your warp speed no huddle. Your suggestion that a drill is needed indicates you have misdiagnosed the problem. Not one of our players had ever played before.

It will help me make the transition much smoother. The off-tackle play was our bread and butter and the wedge and tailback dive a play I put in to compliment the buck lateral provide excellent gains as well. Rarely did we have penetration problems. The blocking back stepped forward, towards the line, hesitated for a count, and then passed to the short end.

Last year was our first year using it and our team was a lot better because of it. Some of them have never seen it before! The team that defeated us had good players, good organization and huge unit support that was key to their success.

Coach Reed, I have bought and read four of your books now on coaching youth sports. He received his National Championship ring last week. So, speed dating 21 and we stop them on defense again they never got a first down.

Best Offensive Plays in Youth Football

Our line captan make a line call before every play. Start blocking effectively or I will replace you. Further, the simplicity of both systems helps our coaches focus on fundamentals to instill proper technique and safety, which I personally believe to be our greatest obligation at this age. If there is a man head up on him he is the most dangerous man. Many college teams use variations of the shotgun as their primary formation, as do a few professional teams, first such as the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts.

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Youth Football Weekly 8 Man Unbalanced Double Wing

Again, I thank you for what you do. The difference is that the two backs are split behind the quarterback instead of being lined up behind him. You can even add a Youtube video of your team. The wedge was a consistent gainer but it did not go for big yardage but times.

8-Man Single Wing

Reader success stories about Single-Wing Offense for Youth Football

These assumptions proved to be correct. Coach, I just came across this email exchange we had back in September. Breezed through the playoffs until we got to the superbowl. Well, the season is now over and we are the only undefeated team in the league.

Single Wing Offense is a great book to read and study if you love football. It would not have been possible without the Single Wing and John T. We won the conference championship in football using the single wing. The board doing the interviewing including a former very experienced high level coach.

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